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Bachelor's final work

One of the most important features of works of art is that they are multi-layered. In my art practice, I’m interested in creating a never-ending, multi-perspective puzzle in which different ideas are intertwined using a wide range of materials and forms. When working on one idea, the conscious mind does not stop generating others, so small ideas grow into large situations created by groups of objects. When working with such a methodology, the biggest challenge is trying to bring different ideas together at both the visual and conceptual levels.

The work consists of four elements: a wooden sledge, a concrete zoomorphic sculpture, an object with a green light, and a disc-shaped sculpture with space-invading shoots. I aimed for all the elements involved in the work to be organic and united.

By looking at my work, the viewer may not see a rational connection between the individual elements, but genesis can happen through intuition. I believe that an author is not obliged to explain what is meant by his or her work unless the specifics of the work require it. The perceiver may read the work differently from the author’s perspective, but this does not mean that the perception is wrong. All interpretations can develop in parallel. I don’t believe there is such a thing as misinterpretation at all. Through my work, I invite the viewer to look within themselves or to discover recognisable states in their own experiences. At the same time, the work is like a mirror reflecting me (the author) and the environment that shapes me. It is partly a kind of self-portrait, but on the other hand, it is also a starting point that provokes a reaction in the perceiver.

Photo: personal archive

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