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In my artistic practice, I mainly work with abstract sculptural forms and surrealist themes. The ideas often grow into compositions or installations made up of individual sculptural objects. Using a wide range of creative tools, I look for ways to express in image and form what cannot be expressed in words.

The relationship between tradition and what is relevant in today’s world is important to me in my work. This is reflected in most of my work. Alongside my work, I often collaborate with theatre and filmmakers and help artists in other fields realise their ideas.


Born in 1991 in Vilnius
Lives and works in Vilnius


2014 – 2016 Vilnius Academy of Arts, master's studies in sculpture
2010 – 2014 Vilnius Academy of Arts, bachelor studies in sculpture
2002 – 2010 National MK Čiurlionis School of Arts

Personal exhibitions

2023 400 km, "Si-V centras" gallery, Vilnius
2022 Campsite, Trakų Vokė minor, Trakų Vokė, Lithuania
2021 Critical line, (AV17) gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2021 Big water, Kreatorium, Vilnius
2018 Levitation, (AV17) gallery, Vilnius
2017 Elsewhere, (AV17) gallery, Vilnius
2015 Triangulation, gallery 5 Malūnai, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius
2014 Between, (AV17) gallery, Vilnius

Group exhibitions

2024 Identity. Escaping the Post-Soviet, curator Agnė Mackevičiūtė, Oblastní galerie Liberec, Liberec, Czech Republic

2023 Economically inefficient edition, curator Aistė Kisarauskaitė, Klaipeda Culture Communication Centre, Klaipėda, Lithuania

2023 Embodying, Panemune castle park, Jurbarkas district, Lithuania

2023 Vilnius' Poker, MO museum, Vilnius

2022 The work "Last Drop", art fair "ArtVilnius", Vilnius

2022 Uncanny, Vilnius Palace of Culture, Entertainment and Sports, Vilnius

2022 Everything changed last night, Panemune Castle Park, Jurbarkas district, Lithuania

2022 The work "The big fish", Lukiškės prison, Vilnius

2021 While waiting, Kūdros park, Vilnius
2021 POP UP Show
 Pylimo str., Vilnius
2020 Tradition and Change, VDA exhibition halls Titanic, Vilnius
2020 Back to the Nature, symposium, Saravinci Kingdom, Sarališkiai, Lithuania
2020 Being, Pakruojis Manor Park-Panemunė Castle, Lithuania
2020 Fracture, Chaim Frenkel's villa, Šiauliai, Lithuania
2020 Now. Elsewhere, Vilkaviškis-Alytus-Prienai, Lithuania
2019 Visitation, Polish Sculpture Center in Oronsk, Oronsk, Poland
2019 Art and Music Festival Zemlika, Durbė, Latvia
2019 Meetings, St. Jonų Street Gallery, Vilnius
2019 Visits, VU planetarium, Vilnius, Lithuania
2019 EmEmart festival, Trakų Vokė manor, Trakų Vokė, Lithuania
2019 Gurrrgutis, "Meno niša" gallery, Vilnius
2019 Infusion, Kelmė-Telšiai-Mažeikiai, Lithuania
2018 ArtVerona art fair, Verona, Italy
2018 To the West, Šilutė-Šilalė-Gelgaudiškis, Lithuania
2018 Art and Music Festival Landscaping, Durbe, Latvia
2017 ArtVilnius'17 art fair, Vilnius

2017 ProjectSOOTHING: Art Warehouse, Culture Night 2017, Vilnius

2016 Behind the Scenes, (AV17) gallery, Vilnius
2016 Faith (Art cells 2016), VDA gallery Titanic, Vilnius
2016 Young Poor Artists Show 2016, Vilnius
2015 7 objects, Visaginas-Švenčionėliai-Šalčininkai, Lithuania
2015 ArtVilnius'15 art fair, Vilnius
2015 Remembrance, VGTU Library Gallery, Vilnius
2014 Art Cells, VDA Titanic, Vilnius
2013 ArtVilnius'13 art fair, Vilnius
2012 Vibe Fabrik, Kaunas, Lithuania
2012 Sculpture, VDA gallery "Academy", Vilnius
2010 Collective exhibition of the fiftieth anniversary of the National MK Čiurlionis School of Arts, art department

Works in public spaces

2022 "Island", Vingriai square, Vilnius

2022 "The Sun of Wolves", Skuodas city park, Lithuania

2022 "Jellyfish", Nemuno 7, Kaunas 2022, Zapyškis, Lithuania

2021 "Gates", Sarališkiai, Molėtų district, Lithuania

2019 "Almost Known", Polish Sculpture Center in Oronsko, Oronsk, Poland

2018 "Fog", Kuliai Park, Lithuania



2022 1st place in straw and hay sculpture competition, Valloire, France (together with Danas Aleksa)

2022, 2021, 2020, 2018 Individual scholarship of the Ministry of Culture for the creators of art and culture
2013 The Elena Urbaitytė scholarship by the National Foundation (USA)

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