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Three Not Pipes

Plywood, steel, electrical installation

Private collection

The idea for “Three Not Pipes” and “Three Not Pipes II” came from the observation of my everyday environment. In the studio, on a dusty shelf, next to a few books and a couple of jars of pencils, was a real pipe. I bought it when I was in my second or third year of studies. The image of a thinker walking around and puffing on his pipe seemed very romantic at the time. However, after trying the pipe, I realised that this was not for me and that the pipe was just a pretty little thing with no place or purpose. An object without a function. Looking at the pipe as an aesthetic object, its form seemed complete and perfect. The unused pipe on the shelf reminded me of Magritte. It was no longer a pipe. At the same time, the anthropomorphic aspect of this object was interesting: the part where the tobacco is inserted is called the pipe head. I decided to make a human-sized non-pipe. Three non-pipes – like three human beings wagging their massive heads. At the same time, the work looks a bit like poppy heads. It’s a humorous parallel – poppies, like tobacco, are used for intoxication – to achieve a dreamlike state of consciousness. It’s close to the Surrealist artistic tradition, which I’ve always admired and drawn inspiration from - especially the work of Giorgio de Chirico and Rene Magritte. These influences are also reflected in the latter work.

Photo: personal archive

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