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Concrete, iron, electrical installation

The work consists of a house-shaped concrete box that acts as a foundation and a “plexus” of folded and welded iron pipes that emerge from it, with abstract, bone-like concrete shapes at the ends. Inside the concrete box, there is a light (which can act as a reference to stability, cosiness), while the folded and welded pipes with abstracted concrete “bones” (reminiscent of intertwined tree branches, or bands of billowing smoke) emerging from the roof of the house are like clouds of “something that is being withheld”, hovering over the house and oppressing those who are inside it. Usually, “something that is being withheld” contains quite heavy emotions, something that is not easy to talk about, so concrete and iron seemed to be the right materials to express this metaphor.

A more optimistic interpretation of the work is also possible – it is the emergence of a living, vital form above the strict, static, dead (grave-pit) form. One would like to believe that death is only a temporary stage from which life continues to emerge and nothing remains stagnant. The work is dedicated to the memory of sculptor Dalius Drėgva.

Photo: personal archive

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