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Critical line

Exhibition / installation

(AV17) Gallery

When it all started (it is unclear now when), it seemed that the world had reached a point of no return. When you live a quiet, peaceful and secure life, you get the impression that nothing is changing and you become hypnotised by the illusion of stability. When more significant changes occur, you wake up. You realise that you have always lived in a state of change and that the apparent stability is just a self-imposed deception to preserve what you are attached to. A healthy and young body, the things you’ve gained through hard work that are so scary to lose, the people you’re used to, the status you’re trying to earn by always trying to prove something – all these things are temporary. To survive, you have to adapt to constant change and overcome the boundaries that come up one after another. Only things that do not exist do not change. It is probably the same overused metaphor of the river of Heracleitus, into which you cannot wade twice. But when you're used to living in a calm and safe world, being confronted with phenomena that fundamentally change your habits is quite surprising. The changes we have to live with now are a clear reminder of the endless shift that cannot be avoided.

Photo: personal archive

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